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Manufacturing & Customizing

Bashsea's resourceful manufacturing facility allows us to provide simple customization to ground-up system development.

We have the minds and machinery to make the impossible a reality.

Bashsea refuses to accept boundaries when it comes to our custom filtration designs and manufacturing capabilities.


We do everyday


Just takes us a little longer

Digital Design
Bashsea's system development begins with a full vector rendering. This allows us to relatively easily customize products from our existing line or create completely new ones.
Laser Cutting & Etching
Precision cuts & etching are performed on one of our 3 in-house custom built laser machines.
CNC Carving & Cuts
Our in-house CNC machine allows us to expand our manufacturing capabilities.
Acrylic Mastery
Through our decades of experience, Bashsea has developed several proprietary methods for cutting, carving, routing, and bonding cast acrylic.
Bold Visuals
We have the resources to provide all standard acrylic colors available, as well as developing custom colors.
Product Branding
From a simple company logo, to an entirely new product line utilizing private branding.
System Setup & Assembly
For those special situations that require it, Bashsea can provide on-site installation and instruction - ensuring perfect operational efficiency.
3rd Party Components
Most systems will inevitably require 3rd party components such as water pumps, air pumps, media, etc. Bashsea can recommend and / or provide components that have shown us a proven reliability and performance record.
Shipping Protection
Bashsea's pro shipping team carefully packages our uniquely sized products to help ensure everything arrives unharmed.
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Simple Customizing

If you're an individual or small company looking for a simple customization, such as modifying a single item from our existing product line, please contact your dealer.

Bashsea Dealers
Large Projects & Branding

Have a "big" idea or plan that you think Bashsea's development & manufacturing can help with? Let us know who you are, and give us a quick idea of what you're looking for, and we'll promptly respond.

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