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Premium Aquatic Life Support Systems & Elite Aquarium Displays

Our main divisions & areas of expertise:

2024 Bashsea Product Line

Bashsea's globally recognized premium life support systems & more. Developed and manufactured in house.

Manufacturing & Customizing

Bashsea's resourceful manufacturing facility allows us to provide simple customization to ground-up system development.

Ultimate Aquariums

Bashsea's elite aquarium display design, construct and install division.

Life Support Masters

Over two decades of:

Industry Changing





Build & Quality


Performance & Efficiency



Bashsea's Incredible Abilities

attracts incredible interest:

Proud to be Global

& proud to be made in USA

Bashsea's product line & customs are made in Ferndale, MI - USA. Our high quality construction materials are supplied by US manufacturers whenever possible.

Bashsea's product line is distributed to our growing list of friends around the world, including: Canada, Australia, Mexico, Africa, China to name a few.